‘Mediterranean Approach, Israeli Art’ – MAIA – the name aptly signifies the wine producer’s approach.

All the wines produced by MAIA are blends of Mediterranean varietals. Grown under similar conditions to the more traditional wine producing countries yet there is a subtle difference: unique soil and weather conditions.

Yiannis Paraskevoulos, the pioneer of the Greek wine renaissance together with David Bar-Ilan and the viticultural expert Kostas Bakasietas have together created wines that harness the flavours and scents of the Mediterranean with a touch of Israel.

mare white 2015

Mare White 2015 – Kosher

Marsanne, French Colombard, aged in stainless steel only
A unique blend of two varieties that complement each other and produce an aromatic wine, with a freshness and crispness suitable for the Mediterranean cuisine.

VINEYARDS: Gilboa, Binyamina
SOIL TYPE: Dark Randzines and Terra Rossa in Gilboa, Clay in Binyamina
VINEYARD AGE: 7 years in Gilboa, 33 years in Binyamina

mare red 2014

Mare Red 2014 – Kosher

Carignan, Mourvedre, Syrah, aged for 8 months in oak barrels.
A blend of Mediterranean basin varieties, attaining an optimal extraction of the flavors and aromas from the soil of Israel and specifically selected vineyards.

VINEYARDS: Bir Tata – Zichron Yaakov, Mata, Kfar Yuval
SOIL TYPE: Light and dark Randzines, Terra Rossa, basalt
VINEYARD AGE: 36 years in Bir-Tata, Zichron Yaakov, 20 years in Kfar Yuval, 8 years in Mata

mare nostrum 2014

Mare Nostrum 2014 – Kosher

Carignan, Durif, Syrah, aged for 18 months in oak barrels.
This flagship wine consists of grapes from among MAIA'S finest vineyards, carefully selected to express the complexity of the Mediterranean growth area.

VINEYARDS: Ein Toot – Zichron Yaakov, Kfar Yuval, Karmey Yossef
SOIL TYPE: Light and dark Randzines, Terra Rossa, basalt
VINEYARD AGE: 8 years in Kfar Yuval, 36 in Karmey Yoseef, 43 years in Ein Toot and Zichron Yaakov

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